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What type of work do you do?

We specialize in short form video production focused on the below three categories

  • Event Recaps (weddings, parties, livestreams)

  • Marketing media (Commercials, ad campaigns, demo videos, testimonials)

  • Educational (documentaries, courses and trainings)

In addition to full stack videography services, we offer script writing, photography, and consulting services. 


What is your typical project timeline?

Though they may vary based on client needs, our video projects usually take about 3 weeks to complete. 1 week for pre-production, 2 days of production, and 1-2 weeks of post-production. 


Who do you serve?

We value and accept a variety of clients, from small business to large corporations. To better help accomplish your goals we have three tiers of clients based on needs and desired outcomes.

Our videography packages inclusive of editing and production rates are as outlined. 

  • Community Member (small local businesses) starting at $1,500 

  • Small Business starting at $2,250

  • Corporate Clients starting at $4,500

If you have further questions about pricing, please reach out to me here


Why should I work with you?

Tone Oliver Productions is the premier video production company in the Bay Area when it comes to connecting clients with community and transferring those relationships into bigger brand awareness, growth in sales and fundraising videos. 

If your goals align with our strengths bring us to to turn your vision into a visual bridge builder between your brand and your base. Contact us at

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