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AvoCurl haiur care products next to a candle and a plant


The Problem

AvoCurl is a quickly growing hair care brand with a great presence online, but didn't have a video component that shared the brands vision with it's community. 

The opportunity to work with AvoCurl was a no brainer for our team. 

Tone Oliver filming hair products through the reflection of a mirror
Black man and black woman sitting on a couch laughing together over a dinner with wine.

Our Approach

After our brilliant writers did some research and discovery on AvoCurls brand and mission we continued to come across the foundation of NATURAL being a core part of AvoCurls identity.


We decided to merge the worlds of finding the right product with finding the right partner. In both relationships the bond should be NATURAL. 

Our Solution

Over R&B love records we began creating the voice over similarly to writing a song. Beautiful metaphors laced the audio over the fun, serenading sounds of "Be The One" by UMI ft Shoyu x Golowbeatz.

We partnered this voice over with the storyline of two lovers walking down parallel paths to the moment they unite in the most NATURAL way. Check out the result below.



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