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Welcome to the heart of compelling narratives and profound storytelling. Here, we transcend the ordinary, immersing ourselves in the art of capturing real stories that resonate. Each documentary is a journey into the extraordinary, crafted with precision, passion, and a commitment to authenticity.

Check out the Teaser for "Shrine Keeper"

Shrine Keeper Documentary (Teaser)

Shrine Keeper (Documentary) Teaser
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DIRECTOR / Tone Oliver

Discover 'Shrine Keeper,' an upcoming 2025 documentary that traces the transformative journey of Santa Cruz resident Luna HighJohn-Bey – from Hoodoo practitioner to dedicated historian. Dive into the exploration of the remarkable legacy of London Nelson, delve into the untold history of Black pioneers during the Gold Rush, and witness how Luna HighJohn-Bey utilizes source as her primary resource in this captivating Documentary. 

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